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Fly to Singkil from Medan and Banda Aceh...more details

Ferry from Singkil to Pulau Banyak and Simeulue. Now also Singkil – Nias. New schedule!

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If you want to see the real Singkil, go to the "Pasar" area. See the wooden houses and the life along the river. There is a boardwalk along the water, however not in the best condition. You can also take a becak tour to see the sights. Try to contact becak driver Mr. Buyung on ph: 0812 6538 9043 or 0857 6128 6981. He does not speak English. For the grand tour he charges Rp. 40.000 for one person and Rp. 70.000 for two, including a break with coffee and a cake.

In Kilangan, just on the river, is the grave of the most famous son of Singkil, Syech Abdurrauf Singkili. His students spread Islam to West Sumatra and because of that, thousands of pilgrims come here every year. The grave can be seen through a window. To enter the building you need to ask for permission, take off your shoes and clean yourself according to Muslim rules. It is appropriate to give a small donation for the up-keep.

Click to enlargeThe Singkil Swamps (Rawa Singkil) is a 100.000 Hectares big protected swamp forest on the Western side of the river, opposite of Singkil. Rawa Singkil is a neighbor to Leuser National Park. It is the home of several species of high interest, such as Orangutans, Sumatran Tiger, Crocodiles, Wild boar, Mouse deer and much more. The bird life is very rich with many Hornbills. It is easy to see Orangutans in Rawa Singkil. The best way is to charter a small canoe and glide through. It is almost guaranteed to see Orangutans in the afternoon. An ideal route is towards a swamp lake called Laeterup where there is a platform standing in the clear but black water. Fishermen come here and fish for Ikan Lele (k.o. catfish). It is possible to stay overnight here with them. It is a very primitive and unique experience.

Click to enlargeThe Singkil Swamps can be reached both from Singkil and Kuala Baru. In Singkil contact Pemuda Pecinta Alam (PEPAL) (Nature Loving Youth), Jl. T. Ali Suka Makmur. Ph: 0815 3433 9827, 0852 6005 3253.,

Along the river are several villages to be seen; Kuta Simboling, Rantau Gedang and Teluk Rumbia. The people here are probably the oldest people of Singkil and are still clinging to there traditional life. Many are however relocated to Singkil, especially after the Nias Earthquake in 2005.

Click to enlargeThe Old Singkil that was destroyed in 1935. It can be reached by canoe to Desa Kayu Kembang and a walk along the beach towards the main river. Kayu Kembang is probably the oldest part of Singkil still remaining. Half of the Old Singkil was lost, but remnants of the other half can still be seen. The site can also be visited from Kuala Baru. It is believed to be 200-400 years old. The location is not far from the main river mouth where Estuary Crocodiles hang out. Sometimes one can see then sunbathing on the sand banks at low tide. It is also a nice place to watch birds.

Pantai Gosong is a beach near Gosong village in Northern Singkil. It is the place where the locals go in the weekend to relax, eat and meet friends. Those days there are often entertainment by keyboard.

Senne Vliegen of Belgium who visited Singkil recently suggests a visit to Rantau Gandang. Here is his report and his photo. (See also his report from his trek from Kuala Baru to Buluhseuma)

Click to enlargeRantau Gadang; A day trip, also possible in half a day or just a few hours: I took an ojek (Motorbike taxi) from Singkil to the village Rantau Gadang, at the river: Rp. 50.000. I arranged the ojek at Penginapan Melly in Singkil. The ojek-driver introduced me to the villagers and walked around with me through the village and arranged my transport (by 'robin', small motorized canoe) back to Singkil. It is a very nice traditional village with very friendly and welcoming people, certainly worth a 1/2day-trip. For the robin back to Singkil, I paid 50 000 Rp (per robin, charter).






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