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Ferry from Singkil to Pulau Banyak and Simeulue. Now also Singkil – Nias. New schedule!

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Click to enlargeThere is more to see on Pulau Weh than Kincir (also called Long Beach) Iboih, Gapang and Sumur Tiga. Pulau Weh is a beautiful and very green island with lush vegetation and with breathtaking sceneries.

The wildlife that you will see is a lot of monkeys, sometimes jumping on your bungalow roof, wild boars roaming for food in the late afternoon and monitor lizards running away when you drive along the roads. Colorful butterflies are everywhere and interesting birds can be seen. North of Iboih is a protected forest. A walk along the road to the northern end of Pulau Weh is recommended. It is here that Indonesia officially starts. A monument has been built to commemorate that. The spot is called Kilometer Nol (Km 0), a must for Indonesian tourists.

The real start of Indonesia is however Pulau Rondo. You can see it far out to the north. From there it is not too far from the Indian archipelago Nicobar. Pulau Rondo has reportedly excellent fishing. It also has snorkeling and diving, but not anything better than Pulau Weh. If you want to go there, ask any boat owner near your accommodation. The cheapest alternative would be to join a fisherman from Iemeulee near Sabang town. There you can get a good deal, as long as the fisherman can fish during the trip.

Click to enlargeRenting a motorbike is a good way to see Pulau Weh. There are many small roads through the forests, orchards, and remote villages where you will become the attraction of the week. Some roads are in very bad condition and a few are very steep, for example coming down to Balohan from the east. Be sure your bike has good brakes and be careful. Petrol can be found almost everywhere in small stands; only Rp. 5.500 per liter. To rent a motorbike is app. Rp. 80-100.000 per day. Bargain!

When you drive over the mountain south of Gapang you will see lots of monkeys waiting for passersby to throw them bananas. On the southern foot of the mountain, in Siruit, on the waterfront is Coffee Shop, a nice place to stop for a coffee and to feel a hot spring in the sea and to see a hot mud pool on the beach. There is also an accommodation here. You can swim to the hot spring outside the coffee shop, but you need to dive down to feel any warm water. The spring is on a depth of app. 6 m. To see the hot mud pool, just follow the stony beach to the left, or ask in the coffee shop. Be careful, the mud is boiling and it can be very hot in between stones going there. Don't leave your litter behind!

Guest House Mardimi
Siruit. Ph: 081269413179, 08126091929, +031118642019, 4 rooms. With fan, bathroom: Rp. 250.000. Food can be ordered.

Click to enlargeFollow the main road a bit further to Pria Laot where a small river flows out. If you follow it upstream you will see the biggest waterfall on Pulau Weh. Just follow the river along a partly invisible path, crossing the river several times, climbing over and jumping in between rocks and you will arrive at a beautiful place perfect for bathing and relaxing. It is recommended.

Driving over the mountain to the south is also very nice. There are a few small lakes and a volcanic area with lots of holes, gas and bad smell. The locals in the surrounding villages often have to extinguish fires. Do not smoke or use fire in this area.

In the relaxed fishing village of Paya Keunekai is a sand beach called Pasir Putih. It is very beautiful during the eastern monsoon season (roughly the first half of the year). The two coffee shops on the beach are for hanging out. Two km further is the beach Pantai Cum, a.k.a. Pantai Bango. The following coast all the way to Balek Gunung is very desolate and perfect for solitude and finding own secret spots. Especially so 5 km from the junction in Paya Keunekai. At the bridge over a nice stream, follow the path to the beach and you find a nice camping ground. Cars and motorbikes cannot go through all the way to Balek Gunung and Iboihs.

Click to enlargeIn Keunekai, at the only junction in this village, turn down to the sea and you will find some pools with warm spring water.

In the ferry harbor Balohan is one small accommodation.

Wisma Mentari
Facing the ferry terminal. Ph:+6285260329992. 6 rooms. With bath, fan: Rp. 90.000. Barth, aircon: Rp. 180.000.


Many of the villages on Pulau Weh are fishing villages so it is also a good idea to charter a boat for a day or less to explore the coastline of the Island. Sharing a boat with friends can be very economical. Various locations can be reached, for example the waterfall, volcanic bubbles spring, remote coral reefs and secluded beaches where you can relax and enjoy lunch. Game Fishing is also an option, trawling, popping or line fishing.




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