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Ferry from Singkil to Pulau Banyak and Simeulue. Now also Singkil – Nias. New schedule!

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Look out for our free bulletin; WEH with the latest information on Pulau Weh and Pulo Aceh. We publish it four times a year. WEH has updated information on transportation, accommodation, and other practicalities, latest news and articles. The first edition ever was distributed in April 2007. You can also download your own PDF-file or read the articles published here:


Reef Passion (Issue: 01-07)
Everyone knows Mr. Dodent! His passion and fight for the reefs of Pulau Weh has made him well-know all over Indonesia, even decorated by the Environmental Minister. His latest project is to rebuild the coral reef along Pulau Rubiah that was destroyed by the tsunami...

Ghost Pipefishes (Solenostomidae) (Issue: 02-07)
By: David White
One of the most impressive and beautiful fish to be found on the reef are Ghost Pipefish. A close relation of the seahorse (Hippocampinae), they come in various shapes, colors and forms and their camouflage renders them almost unnoticeable so as many divers swim by them oblivious to their existence! There are four forms recognized by taxonomists although each of these has various subtle differences...

A Diving Community (Issue: 02-07)
Indonesia is a maritime nation and the Acehnese a strictly coastal people with a long history of international trade and domination, all the way to Malaysia. No wonder people of Pulau Weh are excellent fishermen and lousy farmers. Diving is an increasingly popular activity in Indonesia; however villagers in remote places like Pulau Weh rarely get a chance to enjoy real diving; at most, only commercial diving with inadequate traditional equipment and at high risk. Their economy does not allow them to dive like tourists, even though it is their own island...

Traditional Law Saves Coral (Issue: 03-07)
Indonesia has many kinds of law; civil law, religious law, traditional law (Hukum Adat), and the law of the jungle. Hukum Adat was once the most important law that regulated the life in the villages. After the fall of the Soeharto regime where the administration and the armed forces stood above the law, a vacuum emerged. In many places the Hukum Adat has made a come-back in this vacuum. It is an effective tool to create justice locally...

Coral Transplantation & Reef Check (Issue: 04-08)
The Tsunami in the end of 2004 also caused damages below the surface of the sea. Parts of the coral reefs were smashed as the debris from land was sucked out to sea when the wave returned out. Seeing this damage Mr. Dodent in Iboih tried to transplant new corals into the damaged area. (Described in our article "Reef Passion" in PULAU WEH 1-07. Can be read in our website Since 2006 until now Mr. Dodent and his sons have already covered 240 square meters with their own funds. The results are already visible...


Maxim Gorky Visits Sabang (Issue 01-07)
On March 30 the Russian cruise ship Maxim Gorky entered Sabang Bay with 500 German around-the-World-travelers. The passengers spread out over town and the nearby beaches...

Fishing (Issue 01-07)
Fishing has become increasingly popular amongst visitors from Jakarta and Malaysia. Pulau Weh offers plenty of fishing possibilities and it easy to arrange...

Enjoy a Solar Lunch (Issue: 01-07)
Going around Pulau Weh you will probably notice all the Solar Cookers recently introduced by Klimaschutz eV from Germany. It is the first CDM Solar Cooker Project in the world as defined by the Kyoto Protocol, The project combines climate protection with poverty alleviation...

A Wanted Man (Issue: 02-07)
In April this year Sabang got its first Mayor ever in direct elections. Elections were held all over Aceh. In Sabang, like in most of the regencies in Aceh, members of GAM (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka or the Free Aceh Movement) were elected by the Acehnese. Before tsunami they were actively fighting the Indonesian forces, in 2005 a peace was signed and in 2007 the GAM leaders were chosen in most elections in Aceh. Today they lead a peaceful Aceh in harmony with the central government in Jakarta. It is amazing when one think about it...

A Young Entrepreneur (Issue: 03-07)
Local entrepreneurs - that is really what Aceh needs after all the Tsunami aid. Madi in Sabang is one example. Madi has always been interested in gardening, fish and birds. He financed his own high school by growing and selling bonsai trees. Since then he has tried to develop his hobby into a business but has always been short of capital...

No Monkey Business in Siruit (Issue: 04-08)
Abdullah Malik makes a frisk business selling bananas (pisang) to monkeys (monyet). Not directly, but to all those going over the mountain towards Iboihs/Gapang and throw bananas to the monkeys. The bananas are very delicious, but boring to eat for humans because of the seeds...

Cabang (Issue: 04-08)
Acehnese "Cabang" before it is totally forgotten. It is easy to learn and entertaining enough, but maybe difficult to find a set. You can find one in the coffee shop on the beach in Paya Keunekai. It is also common in the market during the fasting month when the sales people stay overnight in their stands...

OTHER ARTICLES FROM ACI (Aku Cinta Indonesia or I Love Indonesia) GROUP

All articles below are in Bahasa Indonesia.

Pulau Banyak

Penjelajahan Tim Petualang program Aku Cinta Indonesia yang diinisiasi oleh Detikcom belum selesai. Achmad dan Saiful, TimSumatera Utara 1 ACI, melanjutkan penjelajahan ke Kepulauan Banyak, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam yang kabarnya memiliki keindahanpantai dan laut yang luar biasa. Kepulauan Banyak berjarak 4 jam penyebrangan menggunakan ferry dari Aceh Singkil...

Semangat Indonesia
Kepulauan Banyak memiliki potensi kekayaan yang luar biasa. Apalagi sebagai seorang yang terlahir dan besar di kawasan laut(Ambon, Maluku), menemukan tempat seperti Kepulauan Banyak ini seperti menemukan surga. Bahagia sekali. Namun tentu saja,tanah air kita ini punya jutaan tempat yang seperti ini...

Miskin Volunteer Dalam Negeri

Salah satu yang menjadi daya tarik utama di Kepulauan Banyak adalah konservasi Penyu di Pulau Bangkaru. Program konservasi ini dipelopori oleh Mahmud Bangkaru, pria asal Swedia yang jatuh cinta kepada penyu sejak kunjungan pertamanya ke Pulau Banyak di tahun 1994. Ini menjadikan program konservasi penyu di Pulau Bangkaru ini adalah program konservasi pertama di Pulau Sumatera. Menariknya, program konservasi ini pun mengundang semua orang yang memenuhi persyaratan untuk terlibat langsung dalam melestarikan penyu di Pulau Bangkaru...




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