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Coral Transplantation & Reef Check (Issue: 04-08)

The Tsunami in the end of 2004 also caused damages below the surface of the sea. Parts of the coral reefs were smashed as the debris from land was sucked out to sea when the wave returned out. Seeing this damage Mr. Dodent in Iboih tried to transplant new corals into the damaged area. (Described in our article "Reef Passion" in PULAU WEH 1-07. Can be read in our website Since 2006 until now Mr. Dodent and his sons have already covered 240 square meters with their own funds. The results are already visible.

In 2007 Mr. Dodent and his staff at his Dive Center got training in Reef Check by Mr. Kim Obermeyer, Lead Scientist, Reef Check. They learned how to survey and monitor coral reefs including indicator fish and invertebrate organisms, as well as coral and other substrate types. This will allow them to track the health and growth of local reefs and to provide real numbers about the condition of the reefs. Data like this would be important if the reefs around Pulau Weh would begin to deteriorate some day.

Mr. Kim Obermeyer says: "It takes much care to clean and care for the coral nursery and his (Mr. Dodent's) efforts are commendable. Given the good state of Pulau Weh's reefs, especially compared to the rest of Aceh and many reefs in the world, every effort should be put in conserving and protecting the existing natural reefs. Rubiah Tirta Divers in Iboihs are now able to certify people in the technique of Reef Check through the ACC (Aceh Coral Conservation) This is a great chance for international volunteers to make a positive difference with reef transplantation and reef checking. It would also be an experience of a lifetime.

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No Monkey Business in Siruit (Issue: 04-08)

Mr. Abdullah Malik makes a frisk business selling bananas (pisang) to monkeys (monyet). Not directly, but to all those going over the mountain towards Iboihs/Gapang and throw bananas to the monkeys. The bananas are very delicious, but boring to eat for humans because of the seeds.

They are officially called Pisang Wah, but in Sabang most people know them as Pisang Monyet (Monkey bananas). Mr. Abdullah sells a lot of things in his little warong, even petrol, however, his best business are the monkey bananas. They sell for only Rp 2.000 per bunch. He does have bananas for humans also, however not as cheap as the NO MONKEY BUSINESS IN SIRUIT monkey bananas.

It is no monkey business though. He is still charges almost only half price compared to the night market in Sabang!

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Cabang (Issue: 04-08)

If you like board games, take the opportunity to play the Acehnese "Cabang" before it is totally forgotten. It is easy to learn and entertaining enough, but maybe difficult to find a set. You can find one in the coffee shop on the beach in Paya Keunekai. It is also common in the market during the fasting month when the sales people stay overnight in their stands. Playing Cabang is a nice way to make the time go faster. If you don’t find a board, make one yourself in the sand!

Cabang is played with 80 seashells, called "Kambing" (Goats) and two bottle tops, called "Harimau" (Tigers), on a matrix of 9 horizontal, 9 vertical and 14 diagonal lines, as in the picture. Eight goats are already on the board at start, surrounding the two tigers on top of each other in the center of the board. For every round the goat player adds a new goat, up to a total of eighty. The Tigers try to eat the goats and the goats try to lock the Tigers in until they are forced to “Kawin” (Marry), i.e. forced on top of each other on one spot. If that happens the goat player has won. The Goat starts. The Tigers can only eat goats by jumping over one, three, five or seven goats at a time, following a straight line. If not, he just moves one tiger one step.

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