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Fly to Singkil from Medan and Banda Aceh...more details

Ferry from Singkil to Pulau Banyak and Simeulue. Now also Singkil – Nias. New schedule!

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Note that prices for domestic tourists normally are higher. If you stay a longer period you often get a better price. W bath = attached private bath room. No bath = outside common bath room. The list is in geographical order, from southeast to northwest.

Jungle Tribe Guest House & Jungle Bar. Tel: 0813 6174 6375, 4 rooms. Dbl w bath: Rp. 150-250.000. Travel service.

Batu Mandi Guest House. Tel: 0813 7013 3458. 7 rooms. W bath, fan: Rp. 70.000. A very tidy place by itself. A short walk south of Guesthouse or via a path from Gotong Royong, next to small stream near a small Mosque 500m before the bus terminal. A motorbike can go through.

Ecolodge Cottage. Tel: 0812 6079 983, 38 rooms. Dbl w bath, fan: Rp.180-325.000. Restaurant. Nice setting and a big collection of trees and smaller plants. A part of the Bohorok Environmental Educational Centre (PPLH).

Rindu Alam Hotel. Tel: 0813 7023 5892 (Mr. Delta Surbakti), 75 rooms. Dbl w bath, tan TV: Rp. 300.000. W bath, aircon, TV: Rp. 350.000. 2-room suite: Rp. 750.000. Restaurant.

Leuser Sibayak Hotel. Tel: 0813 6101 0736. 34 rooms. Sgl/dbl w bath, fan: Rp. 50-80.000. Restaurant.

Wisma Bukit Lawang Indah. Tel: 0852 7617 8456 (Mr. Poda). 29 rooms. Dbl w bath, fan: Rp. 50-60.000. Restaurant.

Common kind of neighbor at many accommodations - Click to enlarge

Yusnan Guest House. Tel: 0813 7046 9835 (Mr. Joko).18 rooms. Dbl w bath: Rp. 75.000. W bath, fan, TV: Rp. 150.000. Restaurant.

Fidodido Guest House. Tel: 0812 6578 5934 (Mrs. Hayati). 3 rooms. Dbl w bath: Rp. 50.000. Restaurant.

Garden Inn. Tel: 0812 6355 6285, 0813 9684 3235, 9 rooms. Dbl w bath: Rp. 50-70.000. Bungalow: Dbl w bath: Rp. 120-150.000. Restaurant.

Jungle Inn. Tel: +62853-7342-2405, 9 rooms. Dbl w bath, fan: Rp. 200.000 / night  - Rp. 600.000 / night . Restaurant.

Bolang Sibaba Inn. Tel: 0813 9791 8866. 20 rooms. W bath: Rp. 60-100.000.

Pati's Guest House. Tel: 0813 9701 2473 (Mr. Iwan). 2 rooms. Dbl w bath, fan: Rp. 35.000. Restaurant.

Lizard Homestay. Tel: 0813 7577 1400 (Mr. Adi Lukman). Dbl no bath: Rp.10.000. Dbl, bath, fan: Rp.60.000. Restaurant.

Rainforest Guest House. Tel: 0813 6207 0656 (Mrs. Nora), Dbl, no bath, fan: Rp. 30-40.000. Family w bath, fan, kitchen: Rp. 150.000. Restaurant

Green Hill Guest House. Tel: 0813 7034 9124 (Mr. Indra), 0812 6364 3775 (Mr. Mbra). 4 rooms. Dbl, no bath: Rp. 50-80.0000. Dbl w bath: Rp.150-250.000. Restaurant.

Sam's Bungalows. Tel: 0813 7009 3597, 5 rooms. Sgl w bath: Rp. 100.000. Dbl w bath, fan, balcony: Rp. 180-250.000. On the riverbank.

The Rock Inn & Cafe Bar. Tel: 0813 7629 7722 (Mr. Bon), 3 bungalows. Dbl w bath, fan: Rp. 80.000. Restaurant, live music.

Eden Inn. Tel: 0812 6027 1401. 10 rooms. Dbl w bath: Rp. 80.000.

Farina 53 Guesthouse & Restaurant. Tel: 0813 6137 1958 (Mrs. Farina). 7 rooms. Dbl w bath: Rp. 150.000. 1 family room: Rp. 500.000.

Contact: +6287853471606 or +6282166317980

Plain Stone Inn. Tel: 0821 6596 4047 (Mrs. Risnawati). 2 bungalows. W bath, fan: Rp: 250.000 (discount for foreigners).

Jungle Border Inn. Tel: 0813 6179 2728. 5 bungalows. W bath, Rp. 100-300.000. Will open in January 2011, but already take guests. Some will have hot water and WiFi. Nice garden with 250 different medical plants. Next to the National Park.

On The Rocks. Tel: 0812 6303 1119 (Mr. Wawan), 5 bungalows. No bath: Rp. 70.000. W bath, breakfast: Rp. 160.000. App. 200 steps up from river, above all others. Next to the National Park. Also access by path from Ecolodge. Nice garden with three and plant collection. WiFi i January 2011.

Juns Guest House. Tel: 0813 9677 2804 (Mr. Anang) 4 rooms. Dbl w bath, fan: Rp. 75.000 (still under construction).

Rock Garden. Tel: 0812 6315 0505 (Mr. Ucok), 2 rooms. Dbl w bath, fan: Rp. 250.000. More bungalows and restaurant under construction. Nice rock garden.

Mboy Guest House & Coffee Shop. Tel: 0813 6199 1066, 0821 6062 4901(Yanti). 5 rooms. Dbl w bath: Rp. 150-200.000.

Rani Cafe. 6 rooms. No bath: approx. Rp. 30.000.

Indra Inn. Tel: 0813 9737 5818 (Mr. Obiwon). 2 rooms. Dbl w bath: Rp. 150.000.

Amazone Guest House & Cafe. In the Housing Area. 4 rooms. No bath, fan: Rp.An example of a bungalow - Click to enlarge 60.000.


Almost every accommodation has its own restaurant, some of them fancy. However, there are also other independent places to eat, many of them in traditional style and often without a name. There are many coffee shops and noodle places around. A few of the many places are:

You can eat well in Bukit Lawang - Click to enlarge

Yusri Cafe. Near bus square. Local food at good value. Open: 06.00-21.00.

The Rock Inn & Cafe Bar. Tel: 0813 7629 7722 (Mr. Bon). Open 10.00-22.00, -02.00 if there are guests. Has live music on Saturday nights.

Tony's Restaurant. Open: 07-24.00. Also serves pasta and pizza.

Ida Restaurant. Western and Indonesian food. Open: 08.00-23.00






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