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Fly to Singkil from Medan and Banda Aceh...more details

Ferry from Singkil to Pulau Banyak and Simeulue. Now also Singkil – Nias. New schedule!

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Destinations: Pulau Banyak or Banyak Islands DESTINATIONS > PULAU BANYAK
Pulau Banyak
or Banyak Islands is like a dream come through; uninhabited coral islands, fantastic beaches, snorkeling, turtles, surfing, pristine jungles and such a laid-back atmosphere that you will forget time. Pulau Banyak consists of 30-40 islands. The locals say 99, but they count big islands several more

Destinations: Pulau Weh

Pulau Weh
is one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in Southeast Asia. Pulau Weh is still the Pulau Weh (or Weh Island or Sabang) that we remember; the coral reefs, the scenery, the atmosphere and its friendly more
Destinations: Pulo Aceh DESTINATIONS > PULO ACEH
If you want to see something before tourism develops and if you are adventurous and used to primitive conditions, then Pulo Aceh is the perfect place. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! It is close to Pulau Weh, but still so different. It doesn't have the diving and snorkeling Pulau Weh has, but the beaches are breathtaking. Lots of forest is still standing and the scenery is very more
Destinations: Banda Aceh DESTINATIONS > BANDA ACEH
This friendly and pleasant historical town was for almost 800 years called Kutaraja, until the name in 1962 was changed to Banda Aceh. Here traders from all over the known world met. From here Islam spread to Malaysia, southern Thailand and southern Philippines. In the 17th century Banda Aceh was the center of a strong trading and military power fighting Melaka and Portugal for dominance over the Melaka more
Destinations: Lhoknga and Lampuuk DESTINATIONS > LHOKNGA and LAMPUUK
There are many nice beaches in Lhoknga and Lampuuk, actually one very long beach with many names, which have long been a popular weekend destination for the people of Banda Aceh. It is only 17 km from Banda Aceh and is easy to reach. Surfers having been coming here since the 1990s. Although the number of surfers has slowly been growing the place is far from crowded and the atmosphere is very cozy and social. The number of repeat visitors is more
Destinations: Tangkahan DESTINATIONS > TANGKAHAN
Tangkahan is sometimes mentioned as the hidden paradise in Sumatra. It is definitely hidden and for many a paradise. It is the perfect place to get off the beaten track, but still have access to nice food and comfortable bungalows. Tangkahan is an interesting place in many ways. Interesting for what it has to offer and an interesting background. The elephants, the jungle, and the clean rivers are obvious more
Destinations: Bukit Lawang DESTINATIONS > BUKIT LAWANG
Bukit Lawang
is one of the most popular destinations in Sumatra. It is a convenient first stop for travels in Sumatra with lots of activities, great nature, tourist adapted food, convenient accommodation, and friendly people. Here one can get adjusted to Sumatra before onward travels. Bukit Lawang and its many restaurants and accommodation are nicely located along the clear and clean Bohorok River on the outskirts of the huge national park, Gunung more
Destinations: Tongging DESTINATIONS > TONGGING
is a perfect place to relax. It is located in the far northern end of Lake Toba in a dramatic setting. The climate is perfect here, 900m above sea level, the landscape is fascinating, and the culture unique. Lake Toba is a perfect destination for more
Destinations: Lake Toba DESTINATIONS > LAKE TOBA
The world famous crater lake of Danau (Lake) Toba
is the third biggest tourist destination of Indonesia. The island in the huge lake, Pulau Samosir, attracts many tourists. Lake Toba is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, once created by an enormous eruption less than 100.000 years ago. The eruption was approximately 8.000 times more powerful than the eruption of Mount St. Helen in more
Destinations: Simeulue DESTINATIONS > SIMEULUE
"Simeulue Ate Fulawan"
, or in Indonesian "Simeulue Berhati Emas", describes the openness and friendliness towards visitors in Simeulue. Simeulue has a lot to offer; beaches, islands, caves, forest, wild life, surfing, diving and even two lakes and a waterfall. There are traditions and culture; performances such as Debus, Nandong and more
Destinations: Singkil DESTINATIONS > SINGKIL
For most visitors Singkil is just a transit place on the way to Pulau Banyak. The first impression one gets when entering Singkil is not the best, partly due to the Nias Earthquake in early 2005. Many buildings were destroyed and parts of Singkil just disappeared into the ocean. First time that happened was in 1935. Singkil was then located on the other side of the more
Destinations: Kuala Baru DESTINATIONS > KUALA BARU
Kuala Baru
is different from most places and it is well worth a visit. It is isolated, traditional and beautiful. Kuala Baru is located on a narrow strip of land between a huge beach at the ocean and the swamps with its black mysterious water. The only ways to reach Kuala Baru is by river canoes from Singkil, by boat in through a river mouth nearby, or walking for 25 hours from Kedai Trumon in the more
The province of ACEH (NAD) covers 60.000 and is populated by 4.200.000 inhabitants., divided on several ethnic groups: The Acehnese in Northern and western coastal areas, Melayu Tamiang in the eastern coastal area, the Gayo in the central highlands, the Alas in the southeastern highlands, the Pesisir in the south western coastal area and a few minor groups on Pulau Simeulue and Pulau more
History about Aceh HISTORY
Indonesia was linked to the mainland Asia during the Pleistocene period approximately four million years ago. The first people (the Java Man) arrived during this period. The Archipelago was formed approximately 3.000-500 BC when the ice age ended and sea levels raised. The proto Malays (Caucasoid Malays) with a Neolithic culture arrived to Indonesia during this period. It was the first of two big waves of more
The Karo Regency covers an area of more than 2.000 square kilometers (or 3% of North Sumatra) on an average altitude of 700-1.400 m above sea level. Average temperature is 16-27 degrees Celsius, and average rainfall 1.000-4.000 mm per year. The active volcanoes Gunung Sibayak (2.000m) and Gunung Sinabung (2.400m) are visible from most points in the Karo more
Climate and Wild life CLIMATE & WILDLIFE
The northern part of Sumatra, i.e. the provinces of Aceh (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam) and North Sumatra (Sumatera Utara) lies just above the equator. To the east is the Malacca Straits and in the west the Indian Ocean. There are both active and dormant more
Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser (TNGL), or normally called just "Leuser", covers app. 1.094.692 Hectares. The main part of the park is in the province of Aceh, but the park stretches into North Sumatra in the regencies of Langkat, Karo and Dairi. Leuser is the last place on earth where elephants, rhinos, tigers, clouded leopards, and orangutans are found within one area. Leuser has two major river systems, two major volcanoes and three more
Orangutans are the largest tree living creature on earth. They also have the longest inter-birth interval of any land living animal, producing a single infant only once every 8 or 9 years. A female maybe only get a chance to raise 4 or 5 babies in her lifetime. Today there are only app. 6.600 wild Sumatran orangutans (Pongo abelii) left. These 6.600 are fragmented into at least 10 smaller sub-populations, all of them in the provinces of Aceh and North more
Most things are cheaper to buy in Indonesia, but there are also things that are hard to find. If you shop in Indonesia, do it in a big town in order to find everything you more
Immigration and Customs IMMIGRATION & CUSTOMS
The following information is only for your orientation. Check with the nearest Indonesian consulate as rules can change. A visa is required for most nationals to entry Indonesia. Either apply for a Tourist Visa for 60 days at the Indonesian embassy in your country or get one on the border (Visa on Arrival) for 30 days. The cost of the 30-day (only) tourist visa is US$25. The fee must be paid in cash on arrival at the more
Website Structures and Updates SITE MAP AND UPDATES
Sumatra Eco Tourism web portal is updated regularly so please visit us often to see the last additions from us. Check out the web portal structures and the list of updated more




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